GIZ Innovation Fund
6 March 2018 - partnerships
Inspiring and accelerating innovation from within GIZ

In early 2017 GIZ piloted an internal Innovation Fund in order to improve its service delivery through innovative digital tools and nurture its corporate innovation culture. It was an overwhelming experience! GIZ staff from projects worldwide welcomed the initiative and submitted more than 250 ideas. From these submissions, six teams were chosen to turn their ideas into Minimum Viable Products through an accelerator programme, applying Human-Centered Design. The ideas ranged from data sourcing applications to a system that allows consumers in Germany to tip the producers in developing markets for their products.

Impact Hub Berlin through its worldwide network provided support to each team in their countries of residence, in Brazil, South Africa, Jordan and Germany. Being well-connected and on the ground, Impact Hub Berlin could give hands-on guidance in product development, navigated the teams through the several steps of the design thinking process, and assured that all products were ready for the final pitch in December 2017, which was a great success!