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Tackling the gender digital divide by increasing the participation of women and girls in the digital economy as part of the 2017 German G20
05/10/2017 - techteam
GIZ Lab of Tomorrow
Developing business models to address development challenges The lab of tomorrow fosters the development of new business model-driven solutions
06/03/2018 - partnerships
GIZ Innovation Fund
Inspiring and accelerating innovation from within GIZ In early 2017 GIZ piloted an internal Innovation Fund in order to improve its service delivery
06/03/2018 - partnerships
Impact Lab with Global Leadership Academy
„The Impact Lab - Take action to the next level!” global event was a 3-day workshop held in Impact Hub Berlin (October 23 - 25, 2018) and
13/08/2019 - partnerships
Business Engagement in Fragile States - Venezuela
From March to April 2018, Impact Hub Caracas conducted together with GIZ research on Business Engagement in Venezuela. The research included
09/11/2019 - partnerships
08/12/2019 - partnerships