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Connect impact-driven startups with established institutions that support innovations for SDGs. With Impact Hub’s access to entrepreneurs and startups and with GIZ’ institutional partners from a variety of sectors, we are well positioned to run programs and events that bring them together. Collaborations with the right public and corporate partners can help many promising innovations scale their impact faster. Check out an example here (GIZ Lab of Tomorrow).


Accelerate high-potential technology solutions addressing the SDGs. We work together to design and execute a variety of programs that identify, incubate and accelerate the growth of high potential technology solutions to SDGs. Some of the programs are focused on specific target groups such as #Eskills4Girls.


Learn from our joint activities and from each other. We are committed to measuring the impact and evaluate the effectiveness of our joint activities. We enhance visibility of lessons learned and best practices honed in driving change. We also mutually benefit from the expertise and new ways of thinking our organizations bring to the table. Check out an example here (GIZ Innovation Fund).


Pioneer new ways of how development cooperation responds to the changing landscape. By bringing the worlds of international cooperation for sustainable development and impact-driven entrepreneurship together, we explore new opportunities that technology and innovation generate for sustainable development. We aim to prototype new value propositions and develop partnerships with other key actors.


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