What is the expertise of Impact Hub? In what areas could we as a GIZ project cooperate with Impact Hub concretely?

Impact Hubs offer inspiring collaborative working, meeting and event space with essential business services; they build a collaborative community by hosting a diverse ecosystem of entrepreneurs, practitioners, investors and organisations, and by connecting members to enable collaboration and support within the community. Impact Hubs furthermore provide entrepreneurial support by offering a rich choice of programs (business skills training, capacity building, incubation and acceleration, networking), while partnering with organisations and programs to provide further support to entrepreneurs and SDGs.

How is Impact Hub organized? How is the local Impact Hub connected to the global Network?

Impact Hubs make up a global network of entrepreneurial communities, places and programs that inspire, connect and catalysis impact. From Amsterdam to Accra, Singapore to San Francisco, Impact Hub is a rapidly extending diverse international network of over 16.000 members (start-ups) in more than 90 locations. Every local Impact Hub is initiated, developed and run by a local team and this is deeply rooted in the local market and community. Each Impact Hub takes a unique shape to reflect local context, whilst preserving the core Impact Hub DNA.

Why did GIZ pursue a special partnership with the Impact Hub Network?

Over the last years, GIZ has increasingly explored the potential of digital technologies and methods from the innovation ecosystems across a broad portfolio to achieve its objectives. While GIZ possesses particular strengths with regard to its global network, expertise across different sectors, international credibility and reputation on the policy level as well as its broad portfolio, GIZ strives to enhance access to impulses, networks and resources of the local innovation and digital ecosystems, which have become crucial for delivering solutions for an ever changing and increasingly complex environment.

GIZ and Impact Hub share the conviction that partnerships and networks are critical tools in addressing global challenges and the achievement of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) in a fast-changing environment of ever-increasing complexity. Impact Hub and GIZ possess valuable and catalogued knowledge and networks in facilitating change processes for sustainable development. While GIZ provides an extensive network with stakeholders from the private, academic, and public sector, Impact Hub offers access to the locally rooted but globally connected entrepreneurial scene and innovation ecosystem.


What is the best way to approach a cooperation with GIZ?

In the beginning, it will all be about getting-to know each other and building trust. Although there are several examples of successful cooperation in the past (learn more here), experience has shown that starting small is sometimes beautiful. If no contacts exist with GIZ at your location, we suggest to get to know the GIZ projects by presenting them the offer of the local Impact Hub in order to jointly explore possibilities for cooperation. At the first stage, this may include inviting the local GIZ teams to your space, hosting events, facilitation of workshops, or contribution to small assignments. It is important that you GIZ counterpart understands the added value you bring to the local ecosystem and gets to know your team, your space and your community.

Where can I get more information about GIZ and the projects in the different countries?

GIZ is very diverse in terms of our focus areas, as well as the contexts we work in. GIZ is  currently implementing projects in 120 countries worldwide in a wide variety of areas, including economic development and employment promotion, energy and the environment, and peace and security. On the GIZ website, you can find information about the specific projects implemented at your location, including the contact details of the country director, as well as the responsible project leaders per project. We suggest, you get in touch with the specific projects for business opportunities in the specific sectoral field of the project, or with the GIZ Country Office for general cooperation requests. You can of course also contact the GIZ partnership managers Christian and Timo for further support.

Where can I find more information about business opportunities with GIZ?

As of a certain threshold, GIZ publishes all tenders on its website, which can be accessed here. Local tenders, under a certain threshold, are published locally by the respective GIZ country offices. For those business opportunities, please refer directly to the Country Offices, the contacts can be found here in the “worldwide section” of the GIZ website.

Are there also business opportunities for Impact Hub Ventures with GIZ?

GIZ is currently piloting different approaches on how it can bring its public sector together with start-ups in order to jointly develop innovative solutions for the use of the public sector. Although this format is still in the testing phase, feel free to get in touch with our partnership managers Christian and Timo for potential cooperation possibilities.